Commit bcb2a489 authored by Kevin Wolf's avatar Kevin Wolf

e1000: Add model for qemu e1000e emulation

We have done everything to support qemu's e1000e emulation now. The only
missing part is fixing qemu so that it doesn't zero the buffer address
in descriptors after using them. The spec is explicit that the CDI
driver is right here and qemu isn't.
Signed-off-by: Kevin Wolf's avatarKevin Wolf <>
parent e5ebd7db
......@@ -445,6 +445,14 @@ static struct e1000_model models[] = {
.eerd_start = EERD_E1000_START,
.eerd_done = EERD_E1000_DONE,
.eerd_addr_sh = EERD_E1000_ADDR_SHIFT,
}, {
.vendor_id = 0x8086,
.device_id = 0x10d3,
.tctl_flags = TCTL_COLL_DIST_E1000E | TCTL_RRTHRESH,
.eeprom_read = e1000_read_eerd,
.eerd_start = EERD_E1000E_START,
.eerd_done = EERD_E1000E_DONE,
.eerd_addr_sh = EERD_E1000E_ADDR_SHIFT,
}, {
.vendor_id = 0x8086,
.device_id = 0x10f5,
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